You will see my infographic, brochure, and GIF all have something to do with traveling. I wanted to keep my message congruent throughout the span of the project. So, here is an outline of how I made my animated GIF!

Grab your iPhone/smartphone (anything that records video), open the camera, click “video”, set up the first frame of the GIF, turn came horizontal, hit “record” only move the animated object, end recording.
In my first frame, as stated above, is the passport being thrown in the suitcase.
I had camera in the left hand, passport in my right, stood outside of the reflection of the sunglasses, hit record, tossed the passport in, ended recording right when passport stopped moving.
Do not move anything in the frame so image/GIF looks the same. Setup Frame 2, Start a new recording, turn camera sideways, hit “record” only move the animated object, end recording.

In frame 2, I was out of the view of the camera while my right hand closed the suitcase and my left hand controlled the camera.
I hit “record” when my hand grabbed suitcase to close. I ended the recording as soon as the suitcase was closed.

The final frame needs to be setup how you want the GIF to end. In this final frame help may be needed. I acquired help from my roommate. Setup frame 3, start a new recording, (have the person recording) turn camera sideways, hit “record” only move the animated object, end recording.

Airdrop the separate frames to your computer. Open frames in Media player of choice and combine the clips into 1 video. Login to your youtube account and upload the video to your youtube library. Once video is uploaded, hit “publish” to allow video to be public and searchable. Go to and choose “create.” Copy and paste the youtube link to the published video into the white upload box on Allow GIF to upload and click “create my GIF.”

To view my GIF, watch the GIF on the right, or follow the button link below.