This is a brochure that was created using Adobe Photoshop and I created it for “HPS Travel Agency.” My goal behind creating this brochure was to target consumers in need of a vacation but happen to lack the time to plan. Using Adobe Photoshop, I started this project by choosing to design a three-fold brochure with two printable sides. The two printable sides were created in two separate photoshop documents and each side was saved as a PSD and a PDF when finished. Side 1, the “outside” of the brochure, was the first document created. The second document was side 2 and it was the “inside” of the brochure.

I wanted to create a simple, clean logo that communicated what our firm was without having to use much explanation. In the top right corner you will see that I chose a luggage cart with a suitcase and added the name of the company using “Skinny Jeans” font, as the company logo. I googled images of places I dream of visiting one day and ones that would catch the attention from most anyone. The middle panel will be the “back” of the brochure when folded. I chose to use the real estate in this panel to tell consumers how to contact our firm and chose visually appealing images to help break up the text. The third panel, and final outside panel, will be seen when the front page is turned. I viewed this area as important as the summary of a book located on the inner most sleeve. Encouraging any viewer to take journey with HPS Travel and give us the opportunity to try and make their travel dreams come true.

Side 2 is the “inside” of the brochure. The second side is revealed once the front is folded back and the dreamers have a chance to dream. Once the inside of this brochure is unfolded and revealed, more beautiful images await and ideas of where to take a dream vacation are voiced. The inside middle panel is a small summary about HPS Travel and what we do everyday. The outer two panels voice our ability to plan vacations for: families looking for waterslide-resort fun in the sun, honeymooners desiring a luxurious, and intimate destination, or the dreamers dreaming of a “White Christmas” in the snow-mobile and hot cocoa ready destinations.

When you click each image, you will be able to see both sides of the brochure in a larger window. A link is also located on this page that will allow you to download the brochure in a PDF friendly format. To view my brochure, click the frame on the right, or follow the button link below.