What is the first impression you had when my website page appeared on your screen? The reason I ask, is because first impressions are important. Like first impressions in life, a company's “logo” is the first impression for its business.

This logo was designed to be clean, simple, and timeless. You will see the light shade of blue that was used in designing “H.P.S.”, matches the color pallet of my entire website. The cool under tone of this blue shade invites different shades and combinations of the colors of grey, black, and white. Neutral colors always win in my book because they are not only traditional, they are timeless. That is why it only made sense to go with a grey shade for the “Hollan Smith” portion of my logo.

The font(s) used within the logo design were “Playfair Display” & “Josefin Sans.” The first font mentioned, Playfair Display, was used to design the “HPS” aspect of the logo. This font stays true to the cleanliness factor while offering a minimalistic flare that brings the logo to life. Being the main logo used and the focal point of the menu bar, I wanted the “HPS” speficially, to stand out without being a distraction. The last font mentioned was Josefin Sans and was used when designing the “Hollan Smith” aspect of the logo. Designing this part of the logo called for choosing a font that would pair with the HPS without being a disruption. Using the font Josefin Sans allowed me to do just that. When paired with Josefin Sans, the main logo “HPS” was not disrupted or over shadowed, it was completed.